Fiddlers Ridge Marsh 16 x 20

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One of a kind ,original painting available for immediate shipping subject to prior sale
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Fiddlers Ridge Marsh  acrylic 16 x 20 on wood panel

This Acrylic is painted on a 16 x 20 cradled wood panel. this painting is based on location sketches and photos of the marsh on the river side so Fripp Island S.C. I loved the compositon and the path way made by the arrangement of shapes. I have always been facinated by the tetures and colors of salt marsh.  My objective is not to paint a particular place. But to encourage the viewer to daydream. To remember. To invent a story. I'm trying to paint a picture that trigers a mood, I want to communicate a sensation I get when I'm in a beautiful or interesting place. Composition, light and shadow, color and texture help set the stage to tell the story. It is priced unframed but the edges are painted black.  reproductions in various sizes and printed on many choices of substraite and gift items availaiable here