Sharks Tooth Buckle For 1.5 Inch Belts White Bronze

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Shark's Tooth buckle for 1.5 inch belts in white bronze

This Shark's tooth is just over 1.5 inches wide and cast in white bronze.  I molded it from an actual fossil tooth found in the Tampa Bay area.  This buckle has the top part of the tooth palatinated to a dark brown.  The rest is polished to a satin finish and then waxed.  My buckles are not lacquered or urethaned.  The metal will eventually seek its natural color. This is a great medium size because it looks good on different belts. It works great if you want to dress it up or go casual with jeans on a 1.5 belt. White bronze is not as white as silver. It's more on the gray side as it ages. Not as gray as pewter and hard like bronze. Bronze is the metal used for centuries to cast sculptures.