Sweetwater Park Christmas Day

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Thisis a one of a kind origninal painting. There is only one so it is subject to proir sale.
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Sweetwater Park on Christmas Day framed

I like the moodiness of this piece and it's part of a series I'm working on based on more sketches and location paintings from the Sweetwater Wetlands Park. It's done with oil and cold wax on an 11 x 14 canvas panel from the sketch above. It looks nothing like the sketch but once I got started I couldn't stop.  The painting process told me what to do.  I liked what was developing and since the original location sketch was intended to be a reminder, a jumping off place, I jumped off.  In the process of working from a sketch done several weeks before, I re-imagined the lighting to make it a gray, overcast sky. I was looking at the atmosphere of the distant trees in the sketch which was showing more than was actually there that day  I liked the moodiness and the vagueness of the sketch because in this instance, I was able to translate the sketch into a completely different mood than what the actual weather was showing me. It makes working from life drawings more fun when the preliminary work sparks my imagination.  Instead of trying to use photos to create a mood or copy the exact scene it's way more fun to make it up!. It also means I can stare at this same sketch again some time and come up with an entirely different picture.