Sisters of the Burn

Posted by Peter Senesac on 2nd Apr 2019

This painting came about when prepping some panels for new work. I streaked some acrylic down the panel and instead of brushing it out I left the tree like shapes. Then as I began to add paint, … read more

Fog Lifting on Christmas Day

Posted by Peter Senesac on 29th Mar 2019

This is actually the third time I thought this one was finished. This is oil on canvas panel and its 11 x 14 done from a sketch done at the Sweetwater Wetlands Park on Christmas day. The day was … read more

Moon Lit Marsh

Posted by Peter Senesac on 28th Mar 2019

There is a bit of a story behind this one. This painting started as a plein air start looking at the marsh fairly close up. It was to be about the grass and reflections. However, 2 years later … read more

Silver Cups

Posted by Peter Senesac on 3rd Oct 2018

I just started using the blog platform on my website but I have many post on my other blog sites and www.jewelryforpetesake.blogspot.comMany years ago I went to 5 day beach part … read more