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Jewelry Links
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Visit Facebook for Jewelry Art Studio where I post things Jewelry and Art related, events and Updates. You can comment, make suggestions for new products and share my work with your friends and ask questions.


My Instagram for Jewelry Art Studio where you can see jewelry and buckle work in process, new designs not yet on the websites, sales and events announcements


Etsy Jewelry Art Studio Some people prefer to shop on Etsy. I usually post new things here first but the sites are about the same


Art Links
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Facebook Art For Pete Sake where I make only art related posts and videos about my studio and plein air painting adventures. 

My Art Instagram is Art For Pete Sake and is dedicated to my painting and art with pictures and video of studio work and plein air trips

Fine Art America is where you can see and purchase many of my paintings as reproductions printed on a large assortment of sizes, surfaces, and framing options.



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