About Peter Senesac Jewelry

Peter Senesac has been making jewelry for a living in Gainesville, for many years. Primarily self-taught, he works mostly with silver and bronze and uses a variety of techniques including forging, fusing, roller embossing, constructing, fabricating, and casting. He strives to create pieces that provide a unique and hand-crafted quality coupled with a timeless elegance and fine craftsmanship

Peter's designs are heavily inspired by the natural world with many ideas coming from the land and the sea. He uses shapes borrowed from leaves and flowers because the compound curves, ruffled edges, and interesting textures translate well into metalsmithing techniques, particularly forging, forming, and roll embossing. Their organic shapes also help soften the hard look and feel of the metals. He uses the gentle curves and tapers found in vines and branches to tie elements together. Shells and sea life offer an infinite variety of shapes, forms, and textures. The Seashell Collection is comprised of shells found on Florida beaches, directly molded and cast in solid metal to make exact replicas of these beautiful natural objects.  
   Wax originals are carved and sculpted to make anatomically correct portraits of fish and animals to be cast into silver and bronze belt buckles.
   Balance and movement are important in Peter's pieces, both visually and mechanically. Designs don't always have to be symetrical but they do have to be balanced.  Stones, beads, colored metals, and rich textures add visual interest and contrast to highly polished surfaces. His attention to detail and finish is of the utmost importance to his craft.




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