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Bicycle Chain Bracelet

Posted by Peter Senesac on 14th Jul 2020

This bracelet happened when a customer came by with a bicycle chain. It was the whole chain. It had been cleaned but I soaked it in spirits for a day or so and scrubbed it with a tooth brush to get all the old grease out. The end with the clasp was open as shown here but I had to cut the link off the other end. After grinding and smoothing the link down I fabricated the jump rings for both ends and soldered them on. the problem with doing a bracelet in steel is the rust that forms from the sweat and oils in the skin. The only finish I used on this one is wax. Once the whole thing was given a brushed finish, I warmed up the bracelet and brushed on the wax so it would melt into all the joints. The customer was very happy with the way it turned out. Not a complicated job but interesting!