Adjustable Ring with Lemon Jasper in Sterling Silver

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Adjustable Ring with Lemon Jasper in Sterling Silver


This ring has a single tapered spiral band that is easily adjustable to fit any finger yet it is sturdy enough to hold it's shape once adjusted. Lemon Jasper in healing, holds and supports during times of stress, it is reported to bring a sense of tranquillity. Jasper is a stone that facilitates balancing and aligning the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Jasper is a stone of strength, courage and determination, personal power and identity. It is used to help with remembering dreams and shamanic journeying. It is a stone that absorbs all kinds of negative energy. Jasper also stimulates creativity and imagination, helping to put ideas into action. It can really assist with focus, organization abilities, and motivation. It is also said to be good for protection from radiation.