Fernandina Sunrise

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Fernandina Sunrise location painting 9 x 12 on paper on wood panel

St Fernandina Sunrise

This 9 x 12 painting was done during a sunrise on Fernandina Beach. It was a beautiful morning in July. We stayed in a place right on the beach so we could get out there and set up before sunrise.  Sunrise is particularly difficult and exciting to do on location because they happen so fast in Florida. If there is no cloud cover, you are looking into the blazing sun in minutes. We were fortunate to have some horizon clouds or fog bank that gave us beautiful colors and a bit more time to paint. I attempted several at this location and this is the one that turned out really well.  I hope it brings you the peace of being by the sea in the morning.  I can smell the salt air and hear the tumbling of the waves when I look at this painting.  I used water soluble oil pastels which gave me the speed I needed to mix colors on the painting directly as I went along. No time to mix colors on the palette!  This painting is done on oil paper and permanently glued to a wood panel and varnished for protection. It can be hung as is or framed like a stretched canvas.