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Out the Back Window

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Out the Back Window

Out The Back Window is part of a series of location paintings from the vantage point of being inside looking out. I love the day dreamy quality of this oil painting. I really enjoy painting from life and on location but it's never easy and sometimes impossible. In this case I just happened to be in the room with this view and caught a glimpse of the light and shadow and loved it. I couldn't drop what I was doing to run for a sketch book much less set up to do a painting.  Even if I could, the light/shadow pattern I was seeing was gone in 5 minutes. So I grabbed my phone and captured what I could. I no longer paint directly from photos so I altered the photo. It was reversed to be a negative and changed to black and white among other edits. First I made sketches from the photo and then painted with oil from the sketches. This is an 11"x14" canvas panel mounted in a blond frame