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Sisters of the Burn

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Sisters of the Burn 16 x 24 Shown with imagined black frame

Sisters of the Burn started out as some tree like streaks on the panel that showed up I as I was prepping with tinted gesso for an oil painting. I knew the painting was going to be about trees but that's about it. The title came later when almost finished. My titles often come to me as I'm working on the piece. Trees almost always have a female gender for me so that's where the "sisters" came from. I thought the ground shadow looked like burnt under brush after a controlled or wild fire. You see this look when you hike in Florida forests especially in areas that have been logged. It wasn't my original intent to do a painting about wild fire aftermath, but it's what showed up so I went with it. I actually really like the way it came out. It has a figurative feeling and a somewhat surreal effect. I don't get tired of looking at it and making up more stories and that is just about always my bench mark for a good painting. Sisters Of The Burn 24 x 16 oil and cold wax on cradled wood panel.