Sterling Silver 1.25 inch Tarpon Belt Buckle

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Tarpon buckle in sterling sliver shown on a genuine American Alligator belt sold separately

Sterling Silver Tarpon Buckle for 1.25 inch wide belts for men or women

Sterling Silver is the perfect metal for a Tarpon belt buckle because the Tarpon is known as the "Silver King". This belt buckle is great as a men's casual style fashion accessory or a statement buckle for more formal outings. This unique trophy belt buckle is a conversation starter with your fishing buddies and friends or to wear on your next fishing trip. The silver buckles naturally change and develop a dark patina along the top and in the recesses and stays silver on the sides giving them a natural fish coloration.

This carving was done mainly from pictures of the large fish over 100 lb . Tarpon can often be found in brackish or freshwater near mangroves or in residential canals and almost anywhere on the lagoons and beaches in Florida, They love the pass at Boca Grand. They like the warm water. Tarpon are slow growers and mature between 7 to 13 years of age. Spawning occurs between May and September when females may lay more than 12 million eggs each. Tarpon can tolerate wide range of salinity from fresh to very salty estuary waters. Juvenile tarpon are commonly found in fresh water and can breathe air at surface. Tarpon feed mainly on fish and large crustaceans.

Florida Record Tarpon: 243 lbs. 

Save $5 on a brown leather belt when purchased as an add-on with buckle. Select belt size below before adding to cart to apply this offer.

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This design is also available to fit 1.5 inch wide belts.