Redfish 1.25" Belt Buckle in Bronze

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Red fish portrait  bronze buckle with natural patina shown on 1.25 belt sold separately

This buckle was carved using pictures of Florida redfish. The patina on the dark brown bronze buckles will hold the color as it ages. In effect, I'm pre-aging them. Each one comes out different but the natural colors are a consistent brown like old bronze sculptures.

Available in natural or brown patina. When a brown patina is applied to the surface the raised surface will shine with the natural bronze metal as the buckle rubs and polishes over time, while the grooves/concave areas will take on the darkened patina.

Save $5 on a brown leather belt when purchased as an add-on with buckle. Select belt size below before adding to cart to apply this offer.

I do offer other belt styles which you can browse in the accessories here, however the discount does not apply to those belts.