Sharks Tooth 1.5 inch Belt Buckle in Sterling Silver

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Individually hand made, please allow 7 to 10 days, Call if you need faster delivery
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Sharks Tooth Buckle For 1.5 Inch Belts in Sterling Silver  shown on a 1.5 inch belt

Sharks Tooth Buckle For 1.5 Inch Belts in Sterling Silver

This Shark's tooth is just over 1.5 inches wide and cast in sterling silver. It fits 1.5 inch wide belts. I made it from an actual fossil tooth found in the Tampa Bay area by a customer who dove for it in an area that was about to be built over with a condo. It was on its way to the natural history museum for their collection but he let me borrow it for a few days to make a copy of the front of it. It was in about perfect condition.

This one is for 1.5 inch belts. This buckle is patinated with a dark area around the root of the tooth and the rest is finished to a high polish. This is a beauty if you are into sharks and even if your aren't! One picture shows the 3 sharks tooth buckles I currently make. This one is the middle size.

This Buckle is hand made to order please allow 7 to 10 days to complete the order. If you need it faster than that please let me know. 

Save $5 on a brown leather belt when purchased as an add-on with buckle. Select belt size below before adding to cart to apply this offer.

I do offer other belt styles which you can browse in the accessories here, however the discount does not apply to those belts:

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