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Sharks Tooth Belt Buckle 1.5 inch Bronze

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These buckles are individually made and patinaed and may take 3 to 5 days for delivery
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Shark's tooth 1.5 in bronze natural patina shown on 1.25 belt

This Shark's tooth is just over 1.5 inches wide and cast in yellow bronze. It fits 1.5 inch wide belts  I molded it from an actual fossil tooth found in the Tampa Bay area by a customer who dove for it in an area that was about to be built over with a condo. It was on its way to the natural history museum for their collection but he let me borrow it for a few days to make a mold of the front of it. It was in about perfect condition. This is a great medium size because it looks good on different belts. It works great if you want to dress it up or go casual with jeans on a 1.5 belt. Yellow bronze is redder than brass but not as red as copper. It is the metal use for centuries to cast sculptures. It ages to a beautiful chocolate brown in the recesses. 

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