Spearhead 1.25" Belt Buckle in Bronze Handcrafted by Peter Senesac

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each buckle is individually hand made please allow 7 to 10 days to finish your buckle
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Spearhead Buckle  for 1.25 belts  in Bronze with natural patina

This spearhead buckle design was directly molded from an ancient spearhead found in southeastern Massachusetts. It's cast in bronze with a natural bronze satin luster or patinated with brown and waxed to get the beautiful satin luster. 

 Available in natural or brown patina. When a brown patina is applied to the surface the raised surface will shine with the natural bronze metal as the buckle rubs and polishes over time, while the grooves/concave areas will take on the darkened patina.

Save $5 on a brown leather belt when purchased as an add-on with buckle. Select belt size below before adding to cart to apply this offer.

I do offer other belt styles which you can browse in the accessories here, however the discount does not apply to those belts.