SOLD - Across The Water (Reeding Between The Lines Series)

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Across The Water  6 x 6 oil and cold wax.  Direct sun light

Across The Water (Reeding Between The Lines Series)


In this painting, one of an on going series of wild reeds and grasses, I was looking at the reeds with the colorful flower tops but also across the pond at the other bank.  The rippled reflections in the water and the vegetation over hanging caught my eye.  I could have made a different painting with just that.  In fact I feel like most of the sketches and photos I make at Sweetwater Wetlands Park can produce multiple paintings.

I have always loved the beautiful curved lines and textures of Reeds and Marsh grasses. This one, like many from this series, is done from photos and sketches of Sweetwater Wetlands Park. It was done with a palette knife and oil paint on a wood panel. The addition of cold wax medium to the oil paint during the painting process allows the build up of textures and gives a satin/mat surface to the finished painting.

It is impossible to adjust the colors of a painting to all the screens involved with getting the image on the web. I find that the truest colors come from viewing on my ipad. But the colors on all screes seem to appear more saturated than the true colors. The colors will also change with the lighting in your room depending on the time of day and light source.