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Sweet Reflections (Reeding Between The Lines Series)   6x6 oil on panel indoor light 6x6

Sweet Reflections (Reeding Between The Lines)

 This painting has been sold.It was a beautiful spring day. The reeds and grasses were starting to bloom. We were out for a walk at the Sweetwater Wetlands Park when I was captivated by the distant purple blooms contrasting with the yellow foreground flowers of this view. The air was still and the water like glass. The pop of a small fish sent out a ripple. This painting is one from on going series of wild reeds and grasses.  It was done with palette knife and oil paint on wood panel. The addition of cold wax medium to the oil paint during the painting process allows the build up of textures and allows the paint to dry faster. These paintings have a mat to satin sheen. Sweet Reflections 6 x 6 oil on panel

It is impossible to adjust the colors of a painting to all the screens involved with getting the image on the web. I had a particularly hard time with this one the purple keeps wanting to go blue. Not sure how it will look on your screen . If you not happy with the colors you may return it, please contact me first.  I find that the truest colors come from viewing on my ipad. But the colors on all screes seem to appear more saturated than the true colors. The colors will also change with the lighting in your room depending on the time of day and light source. sold