January 31 (Reeding Between The Lines Series) SOLD

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January 31 6 x 8 oil on panel  interior light

January 31 (Reeding Between The Lines Series)

This painting is from an on going series of wild reeds and grasses. I'm using the date I did the original sketch and photo from this location as the title for this piece.  Even in January, this place has color and texture. When the weather is bad outside this painting brings the color of nature in. The black line around the edge of the panel is not a frame but it has the visual effect of framing so a frame is not needed. However, if you do want to frame it this edge will be mostly hidden and the frame won't be touching the paint. I actually had a different name for it, "cleansing the palette" but it didn't seem to fit.  That name came about because I was finishing up with several 6 x 6 panels from this series and I still had paint on the palette. I didn't want to throw it away so I stated mixing it together and came up with some beautiful grays.  I used them to block in this painting and used up all the paint. I had it just about finished but had to squeeze out a tinny bit of darks and white to finish it off. This painting was done with palette knife and oil paint on wood a panel. The addition of cold wax medium to the oil paint during the painting process allows the build up of textures and gives a satin/mat surface to the finished painting. January 31  8 x 6 oil and wax in wood panel

It is impossible to adjust the colors of a painting to all the screens involved with getting the image on the web. I find that the truest colors come from viewing on my ipad. But the colors on all screes seem to appear more saturated than the true colors. The colors will also change with the lighting in your room depending on the time of day and light source. Sold