Trout for 1.5 inch Belt Buckle in Bronze

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comparison of the 1.25 and the 1.5 bronze Trout Buckles

This buckle carving was done using a Snake river Cut throat fish as a model. This is a pretty rare fish but, without color, all the trout species look pretty much the same. This buckle fits on an 1.5 inch belt.

I hand carved the wax model of this Trout buckle to create this unique and interesting design. I used solid bronze to cast this belt buckle and finished it with a natural patina with a satin brushed finish. This design is also available to fit 1.25 inch belts here.

Save $5 on a brown leather belt when purchased as an add-on with buckle. Select belt size below before adding to cart to apply this offer.

I do offer other belt styles which you can browse in the accessories here, however the discount does not apply to those belts.

All buckles are Signed and numbered with a unique number assuring authenticity.